Now outside doors of strange houses


Broomhill NSP 2017


I believe that materials determine the way humanity operates, and my work is centred on their composition and behaviour. I am also interested on the impact their existence have in our society, in particular politics and gender roles. Steel is the material I use more frequently. Its chemical properties and reactions determines the subject of the work, the procedures and treatments I use. 

This is here. This is now. Soon we shall go.


London FASHION week 2016, golden square


Mdina contemporary art biennal 2015-16

cathedral museum

The Mdina Biennale 2015 ran under the theme "Religion, Spirituality and The Other". My approach was to reflect on the continuous process between presence and absence, which led me to work with a square shape. My interest in this form lies in its simplicity, allowing all other elements to come to light.

A Room of One's Own


Clifford chance's headquarters 2013


"Ana's multi-sculpture installation a room of one's own runs through the reception as a series of quiet interventions, subtle interruptions which respond to the columns, walls, open spaces and views our across the water and built environment. Like a low-level conversation, her sculptures are not strident, nor attention-seeking but intimate and reflective.

The surface of the steel is worked and treated until its surface is transformed - the steel-ness of steel seemingly negated under its matt sheen. The sheets and bars of steel, one of the strongest man-made materials, produced by great heat and pressure, take on another persona softer, less rigid. The artist allows the steel to bend and distort under its own weight and the force of gravity, released from its customary use as a structural material."

Nigel Frank

Frank/Hindley Art Consultants